Fall Splendour at the Sugar Bush

We all know sugar bush season gets underway as winter turns to spring… but did you know that fall is an amazing time to visit a number of Ottawa’s nearby sugar bushes? There are a few that are open in autumn, and it makes for a fabulous family outing, and a wonderful way to enjoy the changing fall colours.

With the recent hot weather we’ve been enjoying in Ottawa, it still very much feels like summer. But, the leaves on the trees are starting to change, and warm weather or not, fall is just around the corner.

Fulton’s Pancake House & Sugar Bush

Fulton’s opens for one week in the autumn, for what they call “Fall Splendour”. I took the kids last year on a week day, and we had a lovely time chowing down on pancakes, playing on the playground and walking through the wooded trails.


This year Fulton’s will open from September 30 – October 4. The pancake lunch runs from 10 am – 3 pm, and along with your pancakes, maple syrup, and beans – there is also some fun, live music offered in the restaurant.

The restaurant only accepts cash, so just be prepared. They do have an ATM there as well.

Fulton’s has a great playground for kids to play on, as well as a series of trails (some longer than others) to walk through and enjoy the fall colours.

Something new that Fulton’s is offering this year, is a bunch of workshops, a different one offered every day such as rope making, make your own maple chocolate, animal tracks and awareness. You can sign up for those online. To learn more about Fall Spendour, head to the Fulton’s website here.

Wheelers Pancake House

Wheelers is the other sugar bush I recommend heading to in the fall. The wonderful thing about Wheelers is that they are open every day of the year (except for Christmas) from 9 am – 3 pm.

Wheelers is a slightly further drive from Ottawa, but it is worth it, especially when the fall colours are out on display. The restaurant is nice and big with plenty of seating. It is a very kid friendly operation with high chairs and colouring for the kids.

There is a lovely little playground out front for the kids to enjoy, as well as a maple syrup and farm museum. My children were delighted to find a number of farm animals wandering around the grounds.

There are some beautiful, and stroller friendly trails that are worth going for a walk through.

Wheelers is a truly lovely spot to enjoy weekend brunch and take in the changing season. For more on this sugar bush check out their website here.

There may be more sugar bushes out there that open for the fall, but these are the only two I am aware of, and the only two I have visited. I had a great time at both, and will be trying to hit them up again in a few weeks. So mark your calendars, and keep these great fall destinations in mind!

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