Making Picture Perfect Memories with Magenta Photo Studio

It’s crazy how much kids change over such a short amount of time. Looking back on photos of me from a year ago and I basically look the same. But looking back at a photo of your four year old, or two year old from a year ago…the difference as absolutely mind blowing. So, I really love taking photos of my kids, and sometimes I capture some pretty great ones. But there is something so special about getting professional photos (and getting to actually BE in the photos WITH my kids too!). So when I was contacted by Magenta Photo Studio at St. Laurent Mall for a chance to do some photos with them, of course I jumped at the opportunity!

I really enjoyed the experience at Magenta. It’s a lovely, little photography studio located right in the mall. When the kids and I arrived we were greeted by our photographer Yasmina and her assistant Austin.

We were able to pick our studio background, and any props we wanted to use. It’s never easy giving directions to little kids and having them cooperate for photos, but Yasmina was incredibly patient and professional. Austin also did a fabulous job of keeping the kids entertained with faces, and puppets, etc.

This was the first time I had ever done a studio photo session with Lucas and Rowan. I have taken family photos outside with a friend photographer and I really love getting photos out in nature.  But, it is also wonderful to get some done in a controlled, studio environment. I think it would especially be a wonderful place to get photos taken with a newborn baby.

Come on! How cute are these photos of my kids. I feel so grateful to have them (particularly of Lucas..smiling! He is so often hiding from the camera these days).

The session only took about 30 minutes, which was perfect because the kids didn’t get bored and they were still cooperating throughout. I really love these captures of me with both kiddos. So special.

I love this photo with my first born. I can’t believe how big Lucas is getting, and that he starts junior kindergarten in a few weeks. In my head and my heart he’s still a little guy. (Bonus with this pic…I got my own wind machine!)

When you are done a photo session with Magenta you can sit and look through the photos and choose your favourites. I received digital copies of our photos within a week. While we opted for a studio session, Magenta offers a variety of services. The photographers will also come and do photos from your home, weddings, events etc. I highly recommend considering them for your next photos, and don’t hesitate to check out their portfolio here.


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