The New Mooney’s Bay Playground Delivers the Fun

The weather is improving and it looks like summer may finally be here to stay (let’s hope!). So, it felt like a good time to share my appreciation of the new Giver 150 playground at Mooney’s Bay Park. Have you checked it out yet? I’m sure many of you have…but if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to take the kids!

The new playground opened last summer on a nearly one acre site at Mooney’s Bay. It is a Canada themed playground in celebration of our country’s 150 birthday.

The giant playground is constructed in the shape of Canada and made up of 10 play structures, which represent various regions.

There is a great western themed area, complete with chuck wagon, small western town and horses.

The maritime themed area of the playground is another good one, complete with slide coming from a lighthouse.

A large portion of this playground is also wheelchair accessible, including a super fun viking ship that rocks back and forth.

If your kids like to climb, there is a wealth of structures to climb on, including a large orca whale. In fact, this is a playground that has something for kids of a variety of ages. My two year old and four year old both love it, and I have seen a number of older kids enjoying all of the structures as well.

I’m a fan of the log cabin and the canoe teeter-totter made entirely out of wood.

So, if you haven’t been down to Mooney’s Bay new playground yet, I highly recommend making a trip there this summer. Even if you don’t live in the neighbourhood, pack up a picnic and make a morning of it…I promise the kids will find plenty to keep them entertained!



  1. Carm | 9th Jun 17

    Great article! Yes, it certainly is an amazing park for all the different ages and abilities. My kids volunteered to help build the park and they LOVE seeing the each week’s episode! Educational and fun! It’s a fantastic location since you can play at the beach, the playground, do a Pirate adventures tour, walk to Hog’s Back etc. Great way to get the kids busy all day outside! BTW Episodes are every Wednesday on TVO Kids 6pm ( reruns on weekends). Show is called Giver.

    • | 9th Jun 17

      I’ve caught the show a few times with my kids and it is wonderful! We are so lucky to have such an amazing Giver playground here in Ottawa. Thanks for reading!

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