A Free Ontario Baby Box for Your Most Precious Cargo

Having a baby can be overwhelming – and expensive. There are so many “must-have” items on the market for babies and new moms. And, what worked for your friend and her child, may not be at all useful to you and your newborn. My kids, for example, never liked using a soother, or a sleep-sack (but I know most other babies love these items). Baby products (both useful or not) can really add up, so when you get the chance to receive something for FREE, it’s pretty much the best thing ever!

Now, if you follow this blog you may remember the baby shower I put on for six of my mom friends who were all expecting their second babies. Well, one month later and two of those friends have now welcomed their new babies!

Heather and her husband Andrew are now the proud parents of baby Neve.

Tara and her husband Matt have welcomed sweet little Henry!

Neve sweetly sleeping in her free baby box.

When I went to visit Heather and get some cuddles with Neve, I discovered that Heather had ordered a BABY BOX. Have you heard about baby boxes? I first read about them in the news about a year ago, when the Finnish Baby Boxes started making headlines across the globe.

For more than 80 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a Baby Box by the state that serves as a starter kit for their new baby. It contains clothes and other newborn necessities, and the Baby Box itself–which is lined with a mattress–is used as the child’s first bed. It’s such a fabulous initiative. Parents, regardless of their income, will all receive these boxes. It has led to Finland having one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

The idea has spread, and here in North America there is The Baby Box Co. where you can order your own. Usually, these boxes come at a price BUT if you are an Ontario expectant mother who is due to deliver between August 1, 2016 – August 1, 2017 you can get a box for FREE!

The baby box comes with a mattress and washable mattress cover. The box also comes with a lid and a number of items inside. There is lots of information about maternal and baby support services in Ottawa, as well as safe sleeping information. There was also a Pampers sample pack of diapers, a “sleep safe” onesie and a few other samples.


There is also Baby Box Canada, which is also starting to roll out their own free baby box program. I don’t have any experience with this company yet, but it is also FREE, so worth a try! Register for their box HERE.

Sullivan babysitting his baby sister, smoothie in hand.

Even if you don’t plan on having your baby sleep in the baby box – maybe you have a bassinet or crib all ready to go – it is still a great place to place baby while you’re working around the house. These baby boxes come in such adorable prints, you really could use them as a storage option for toys or clothes afterwards. I know big brother Sullivan has also really enjoyed climbing in and playing in it too. So if you qualify for this free baby box, then get on it because there isn’t much time left and you don’t want to miss out!

One more photo of baby Neve, because she’s just so delightful.



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