Beaver Trail on a Picture Perfect Winter Day

A sunny winter day with reasonable temperatures made for a great opportunity to get outside with the kids. I decided to grab the bird seed and hit up Beaver Trail.

Beaver Trail, just off Moodie Drive,  is a favourite walk of mine in the autumn. I love all of the fall colours, the birds, the resident beaver, the wild turkeys and chipmunks. However, this was my first time hitting up the trail in the winter and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, it couldn’t have been more beautiful! The trail has been well trampled and it’s an easy walk for both adults and kids.

At this time of year, many of the birds have flown south, but there are still plenty of chickadees out looking for bird seed (sunflower seeds are their favourite). I recommend taking Beaver Trail, and hitting up both boardwalk stops along the way for the best bird feeding opportunities. Then after the second boardwalk, take the Chipmunk Trail back to the Beaver Trail parking lot. It’s a nice little loop that is doable for young children. So with a sled, my two kids and my visiting mother and father in law, we ventured out and had the most lovely morning.

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